Thursday, August 20, 2009

moodspin - now in Beta - send your feedback

We are live in Beta!!

What is moodspin all about?

moodspin develops social media add-ons, that allow you to update your mood easily and visually on your social media sites, and to easily learn how your friends are feeling.

Today, we announcing the first phase, which includes integration with Twitter.

The brand-new Beta site (, provides an easy way for you to update your friends about your moods and activities - going beyond text, it actually updates your user image (not drastically, it either adds a colored frame to your image, or a little emoticon at the bottom), and also lets you write about your mood and status. Using moodspin, your friends will always know the mood you are in, and you could know how they feel, in real time.

To keep it simple, you don’t have to create a user name for moodspin – just log in using your Twitter account, and you are in!

How can you help?

Please check out the site at, and tell all your friends about it.

we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions – this is an evolving project (our next phase is improving this version, creating an iPhone app and a Facebook app – do you have other ideas?)

You can DM or eMail us directly, or use the feedback form on the site (

Also - please follow moodspin on Twitter and spread the word.

Thank you for sharing this great experience with us.


Etay & the moodspin team