Monday, August 25, 2008

ZendCon 2008

Looking for PHP knowledge and great networking?

The Zend/PHP Conference is the largest gathering of the PHP community and a unique opportunity to meet with PHP developers, luminaries and business leaders.

It is going to be a great event (I have my sources...).
Mark your calendars: Santa Clara, CA - September 15-18.

Do not miss the opportunity to meet Zend’s CTO, Andi Gutmans.


Have fun.



Thursday, August 21, 2008

Babylon for Mac - Online Version Only...

I was so happy to open my eyes to an eMail from Babylon announcing the Babylon for Mac.
I've waited for this version for a long time...

So I clicked the link and got this:

Thinking to myself, online version or a desktop application...

Well - no need to think much, both versions are working only when you are online...

So now I am disappointed.

I've worked hard to work-around the fact that there was no Babylon for Mac.

Alternatives for Babylon application for Mac:

  • Use MacOS dictionary Widget
  • Use MS Office spell checker
  • Use Babylon application on a VMware/XP (I know... one of the only reason to boot XP...)
I was expecting the off-line capabilities.
I suppose the 'Beta' team feedback was so great and failed to push it to the top of the list...

Babylon - please let me know when you are serious about supporting Mac...


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Office 2.0 Conference | 2008

I am very excited to participate again in the up-coming office 2.0 conference.
Last year I represented SAP, this year I am part of Veodia.

The Office 2.0 Conference is a collective experiment organized every year in San Francisco, CA and aimed at discovering the future of online productivity & collaboration. It is a unique gathering of visionaries, thought leaders, and customers using innovative online services for getting things done at the office, at home, and on the go.

Please register before August 31st to benefit from the online rate.
All paying attendees get an HP 2133 Mini-Note PC.

See you all there!


Vote for Veodia | 2008 STREAMING MEDIA

Friends, thank you for your support so far.
We won the Enterprise 2.0 conference demo context and now it is time to leave our mark at the 2008 Streaming Media Reader's Choice Awards.

Please vote for us in the following categories:
- “User-Generated Content Platform” category
- “Webcasting Platform” category

As you vote, you will get a change to win an iPod-Touch...

Thank you !


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mac Mini 4 Mini Me

Should young kids have their own computers?
Yes, especially when the alternative is for them to destroy my computers...
Ever since they were 2.5 years old, they did.

At the beginning, we used Comfy. A great Israeli product that supports over 21 languages!

So, our kids utilized our old laptops/desktops.
As most of the content is online, we are using Glubble to control their access (Some great features include the capability to receive access request via eMail, easy bookmarks and kids friendly homepage).

So all was well.

Until few weeks ago when my son came to me and said:
"... I do not like my computer... It is too slow and I do not like to blue sky and grass image and it is too slow and I want a one like yours and like I have in my school..."
Well, what can I say... The kids want a Mac...

So, I took the 'old' MacMini, added a monitor and an old keyboard and the kids is MacNative...
And now, my iKid continues to ride his iBike, play with the iDog, annoy the iSister and love his iMommy. Not bad for a 4 years old...



Aurora: Adaptive Path/ Mozilla Labs concept browser

Have a look at this interesting concept.

"...Aurora is a concept video presenting one possible future user experience for the Web, created by Adaptive Path as part of the Mozilla Labs concept browser series. Aurora explores new ways people could interact with the Web in the future based on projected technological trends and real-world scenarios..."

Looks very cool and intuitive at first, but I do have my concerns, especially in the areas of information overflow and cross generation UI.
It seems as the mobile experience is too similar to the desktop one. Squeezing all this date into a smaller screen will not be as effective.
As for older generation usage, I think the UI should be simplify more, including non-visual interaction, such s voice commands.