Monday, October 15, 2007

Babylon 7

Working in a multi-culture environment has its challenges, which 'understanding' other languages is one of the major ones...


Knowing a 'language' is not as 'understanding' it.

I am using Babylon for many years now. It not just offers text translation in 17 languages and Wikipedia results in 13 languages, all in a single click, but also allow you to create your own dictionaries and helps you to understand phrases.

For example, there are many dictionaries about SAP terms, and in the past I was using it to package context-sensitive help and learning content.

Babylon just released a new great version - lucky # 7.

Some key features:

  • Single Click Activation - Simple and intuitive
  • Full text translation in a single click
  • Spell check for Hotmail, Gmail, Blogs...
  • Smart Dictionary - Get translations to and from any language
  • Wikipedia content in a single click
  • Babylon Premium Content- results from Oxford, Britannica, and other leading publishers in a single click
  • Auto Completion
I do wish they will develop a Mac version soon...


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello Itay,
My name is Avner Aviad and I work for Babylon. I have dropped by in your blog and I appriciate your warm words about our prouct.