Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Adobe's Buzz(word) and Share

Great buzz around Adobe's Acquisition of Virtual Ubiquity, the developers of Buzzword (previous review) ,as well as on the new sharing service.



And yet again we see the page-flip feature...

Will Adobe step into the 'office 2.0' space, leveraging their experience in content creation and collaboration?

It seems Adobe is focusing on 'documents' and not on every type of office-file-format.

In any case - yet another new shining way to collaborate available now...

However - the interesting part is how would Buzzword use the Adobe AIR off-line capabilities.
Many other 'on-line' applications are using Google Gear or a similar local-server solutions, for going off-line. I am looking forward to see if Adobe will make Buzzword an example for AIR capabilities, in the loosely-connected scenarios.


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