Monday, August 13, 2007

Buzzword Preview

I was looking into "Buzzword" an Adobe Flex based word-processor from developed by virtub.

Beyond beta related issues (loosing connection to the server and other errors), the Buzzword behave as an application (not as a Web application / Website).

Like other current (online) word processors, Buzzword is focused on the practical features and not on everything.

The main features I liked were:

  1. Group Tool Tip - When hovering on the toolbar, Buzzword present the tips to all the items in the category - allowing the user to find what s/he looking for without the need to 'click around' for help.

  2. Table Controller - Buzzword introduce a very simple and powerful interface for controlling a table. It is simple to use the toolbar (as in other applications), and you could also edit/control the table, using in-place controller. It is really cool way to add and remove rows and columns without looking context.

  3. Color Schemes - Buzzword makes it easy to select and to use matching colors across the document. Just select a scheme and stay with it.

There are many other nice features, some are common and some may differentiate Buzzword from other similar offerings.

For early access to "Buzzword" click here.


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