Friday, September 7, 2007

Enterprise Collaboration Session

As part of the office 2.0 conference, I was attending the Enterprise Collaboration session.

View the recorded session.
(In great quality using Veodia)

It was an interesting session as we all tried to explain what 'collaboration' is (in different context).

Beyond the shared views and the common stories about how the consumer market affecting the enterprise - the main theme was transparency and relevancy.

I was trying to make the point (I hope I did...) that there is a 'sales' phase/process for these ideas/technologies/tools within the enterprises. Unlike the consumer market, there is a need to convince a centralized organization or an executive before these ideas/technologies/tools become 'Kosher' for the enterprise.

Another point was that we make sure that the 'ideas/technologies/tools/solutions' we would like to 'create/use/embrace' have to be able to be 'industrialized' to the level in which they provide the level of service required by a customers/companies. One of the aspects is security.

Interesting enough, I agreed with Paul (Oracle) on many of the topics he presented.

Well - it was a long successful day. I hope you would have the chance to view the recorded sessions in case you were not around this week.


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