Thursday, October 4, 2007

Notes from Momentum Growth Conference (2/...)

Notes from Momentum Growth Conference.

Freelancer/author Sarah Lacy chats with Tina Sharkey, Chairman,

  • Communities are about looking for solutions for needs (current, long term), sharing interests and about human connection.
  • The audience is growing and change all the time - do not expect to have a winning formula that could last long...
  • Find out where your audience live and serve them there - eMails, online, RSS, newsletter, etc... Fine tune the messages based on 1-to-1 marketing concepts.
  • Be true to your core.
  • Statistics: 8M unique users in 10 counties. Revenue from eCommerce (larger) and media business (profitable).
  • The company is part of Jonson & Jonson. It was bought from eToys when eToys declared bankruptcy in 2001.

Imeem - Steve Jang, VP, Marketing and Business Development
Sugar Publishing - Brian Sugar, Founder, Publisher and CEO
Slide - Keith Rabois, VP, Business Development - Tina Sharkey, SVP Instant Messaging & Social Media
RockYou - Ro Choy, Vice President of Business Development

  • In a discussion on users loyalty - both Slide and RockYou agreed (and it did not happen a lot) that the main challenge was to get the 'first time' users, as users are not switching to much after they invested in creating content and learning a system.
  • It is important to know the demographics of your service - as advertiser require depends on it.
  • People are going where other people (friends) are. The features are secondary.
  • The debate between reach or niche went on... It was claimed that "viral engagement" allows you to go for a wide reach, while building engagement with focusing on niche (using a dedicated application). FaceBook was mentioned many times as the platform allow you to achieve this.

Overall - after over an hour of 'buzzwords exchange' it seems everyone are still looking for ways to put some logic into their success as well as define the next steps and trends.


To be continued...


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Laser said...

Many strange things are now occurring concerning eToys, BabyCenter and the to'be merger of eToys Direct with as a public entity once again on NASDQ (symbol POSH).

It has been discovered that Bain/KB Toys acquisition in Bankruptcy Court was a fraudulent transaction and may be rescindable. It has also been discovered that even though J&J paid a purported $10 million for such transaction has rescindable issues under the doctrine of "bona fide" sale and preferential/equitable subordination issues. Crimes have occurred as events of multiple, intentionally False Rule 2014 Affidavits are already admitted as the WSJ documented on eToys Traub July 25 2005 and can be seen at etoys..
As an issue of running across one's desk, this one seeks to scatter along the wall and into the mouse hole.