Thursday, October 4, 2007

Notes from Momentum Growth Conference (4/...)

Notes from Momentum Growth Conference.

Partnerships - Relying on the Kindness of Strangers
Small companies pursue big companies for partnerships -- they need credibility, access to markets and channels, and the means to scale. Whether for distribution, marketing, development, monetization strategy, or just leveraging existing APIs, teaming with a giant is the strongest route to building an empire. Learn from those who've negotiated on both sides of the table what it takes to get a deal done and how to make it work for you.

Meebo - Seth Sternberg, CEO

Kayak - Drew Patterson, VP Marketing

Photobucket - Peter Pham, Vice President, Business Development

SAP - Jens Weitzel, Sr. Director, Business Development Global Ecosystem & Partner Group

The discussion provided some (basis for) partnerships examples and points of views:

  • Value swap - offer cross traffic, (missing) features, etc.
  • Build together - instead of buying technology - work with the technology providers as partners to create the capability, needed by both.
  • Have a mentality of "everyone is not a competitor" - build honest relationship early on with other companies - including other start ups. Find areas where others may have better value proposition (tools, experiences) to your users and work with them.
  • Partner with companies that 'will be around' in the future.
  • People - integrity, trust and personal connection is important - as you will work with these people closely. Do not partner with someone you do not feel comfortable closing a deal with a handshake (as a first step...).

To be continued...


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