Thursday, August 21, 2008

Babylon for Mac - Online Version Only...

I was so happy to open my eyes to an eMail from Babylon announcing the Babylon for Mac.
I've waited for this version for a long time...

So I clicked the link and got this:

Thinking to myself, online version or a desktop application...

Well - no need to think much, both versions are working only when you are online...

So now I am disappointed.

I've worked hard to work-around the fact that there was no Babylon for Mac.

Alternatives for Babylon application for Mac:

  • Use MacOS dictionary Widget
  • Use MS Office spell checker
  • Use Babylon application on a VMware/XP (I know... one of the only reason to boot XP...)
I was expecting the off-line capabilities.
I suppose the 'Beta' team feedback was so great and failed to push it to the top of the list...

Babylon - please let me know when you are serious about supporting Mac...


1 comment:

v2r said...

agreed! back in my days when i used microsoft´s windows i used babylon quit a lot to translate into different languages and now while using osx and linux, babylon translator is missing out!

so i was happy and pleased when i red the news for a osx version to come.

a piece of advanced software that is worth to pay money for, but not under these conditions.
so when i clicked the info button on my native language german i was confused, because it says it might also be used online and not ONLY online. i won´t buy it though!

greetings from germany :)