Thursday, November 15, 2007

Finally : Graphic Personal Homepage & Directory

Until recently I was using a 'blank' page as my browsers homepage.
I kept testing all kind of 'personal homepage' and portals for a long time.
I always returned to my clean, empty page.
I think the main reason is that I am a person who need visual stimulation as well as information. Most of the 'personal homepage' offerings are 'text oriented' and try to present you with the most relevant information for you (or in other words - push you things you may/want).
It is hard enough to start the day with a list of unread eMails - do I really want it on my browser as well? (the answer is No).

There are some interaction design concepts which try to predict the user needs and to provide it with minimum effort / clicks / discovery steps / etc. Trying to minimize the 'clicks' needed to perform a task.

Well, you know what, sometime the 'extra' click is a good thing.
I can protect myself from the stream of information if I have an extra click as a buffer.

+ I need colors. These 'clean', 'white space' pages are just too clean for me.

Then I found

This site is different. It is colorful and easy to customized.
There are two main interactions. One is the 'icon desk'

The other is a 'news/image desk'

Adding a desktop is easy.

As well as creating new 'blocks', select there color, position and content.
You can create work-oriented desks as well as personal.
You can share them with your friends as well.

General settings are

Finally, a Graphic Personal Homepage & Directory I like to use.


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