Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jing and Skitch - Screen Capture Tools

"An image worth a thousand words" (as long as it does not take too much time to produce...).

Screen shot and screen cast (movies) are one of my key tools to communicate, design and share ideas and content.

It use to be hard to capture a good snapshot, clean it, resize it and then add some text and other graphics to support your message.

Not anymore.

In the last few months, I've been using Jing from TechSmith.

It is a great tool that allows me to take snapshots as well as movies and to save them locally or on their hosting service. Very easy to use and the latest update include copy to clipboard and some other features, making it powerful and simple to use.

Sam Lawrence recently introduced me to Skitch.

Skitch has a clean UI and very simple and powerful features, such as resizing the snapshot and saving in several formats to the desktop (by D&D) and to a hosted service.

It also supports taking snapshots from the Webcam.

Introduction movie:

Two great tools to use on a daily basis.


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