Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Notes from French TechTour (1/...)

At Veodia we have many French team members.
Recently I attended several events around the IsraelWebTour and now it is time for the French Tech Tour.

Engaging with Analysts and the Media

Panelist guests:

  • Carla Thompson, Senior Analyst, Guidewire Group
  • Michal Lev-Ram, Fortune Senior Writer, Fortune
  • Rafe Needleman, Editor, Webware/CNET
  • Dean Takahashi, DigitalMedia Lead Writer, VentureBeat
Moderator: Jeff Clavier, Founder & Managing Partner, SoftTechVC

There is a blur between the 'official' journalists and the bloggers.

Consumer product - should be focusing on traditional channels (NY-T and such) as the bloggers are focusing on early adaptors and not on the mass audience.

Do and Don't on how to contact press and bloggers

- Introduction eMail - provide information about the company/product and how to reach you
- Contact from the CEO. Do not hide behind the PR team.
- No 25Mb PPT in eMail
- No embed video in eMail
- Make sure the mailing list does not include everyone on the TO field.
- Make sure you include the right person name and do not miss-spell the name of the Blogger...
- Embargo - control the process. In case there is a ... Notify all the bloggers who still keep it.
- Do not ask for a flow-up based on a competitor story
- Have a media kit (images, bio, white papers, demos) ready for a follow up.

To be continued.


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