Sunday, October 5, 2008

Slacker G2 Portable Player

Think about your business 'mission critical applications'.
Probably eMail and the other usual suspects are on your list.
For me, I cannot work without music.

I've been using Internet radio for years.
First great radio was Yahoo! launchcast. It got too heavy in the recent years.
Than was Pandora. Great selection and cool iPhone application.
Now (for the last year and a half), the king is Slacker.
With a great collections and a smart, elegant UI to create and modify stations, Slacker makes listening to music and discovering music a great joy. Beside the music, the background info on each band/singer is cool as well.

Although Slacker 'Software Player' is not Mac friendly, the online experience and the basic service is great.

Recently, I had the chance to check out the new Slacker G2 Portable Player.

Small, light and very functional (for example, protective case with a clip that works well on a belt as well as on sport gear).
Easy to use 'blackberry' design (big buttons, right-side scrolling wheel).
Simple wireless and equalizer setup.

It was great just to link the stations I have online with the device.
One of the best things about the Slacker service and the portable device is that unlike iPod/iPhone - the stations are created dynamically with out any need to buy new songs.

I connected it to the car AUX - it is better than satellite radio.
I took it to the GYM - just start running listening to James Brown (does not get better than that).

Slacker G2 Portable Player is a great improvement from the first version.

Added to my list...


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