Wednesday, March 18, 2009

iPod Shuffle - When Design Is Not Enough (and make it worse)

I love my old iPod Shuffle.

Just a small USB stick that plays music.
I could use any headset I want and have full control over the music.

I did not buy the second generations as it was harder to use the controllers while running/riding and it requires a cable to charge/sync. However, I did like the clip.

I think the new generation took a step forward from design perspective, but MANY steps back as for usability.

It is great you could use playlists and there is no need for a screen to do it, but the 'new' VoiceOver is disappointing.
For a cool looking device as this, to have this 1985 audio quality (text to speech) is just bad.
I got flashbacks from years ago when I was developing eLearning tools and content and had to use the TTS (Text To Speech) from Microsoft...

You can create your own VoiceOver here - let me know if this makes sense to you...

One more thing - the new iPod requires you to use the 'new/special' headset.
I do not like this type of headset, it keeps falling when I run.

Check the introduction movie from Apple.

So, I guess I have my options. And so do you.


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