Tuesday, March 17, 2009

UnHub - Easy Way To Aggregate Your Online Presence

UnHub is a new service that helps you aggregate your online presence.

TechCrunch: "...What UnHub does is create a persistent iframe bar with tabs for all your online presences (e.g. your blog, Twitter stream, LinkedIn account, Flickr profile, blog comments etc.) linked to a dedicated URL you can easily share with anyone..."

So, now http://www.etaygafni.com is pointing to this page:

Let me know what do you think.


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Jim Moran said...

Hey Etay,

Thanks a lot for the post and for checking us out, glad you like UnHub.

As far as I know, you're the very first person to redirect their personal URL to their UnHub. We're very, very excited about this concept, and are working on ways to facilitate this on our end.

Please, please keep us up to do with your experience with this. And let us know any feature requests / ways to improve.