Thursday, March 20, 2008

Under The Radar: The Business of Web Apps (1/...)

Today I am at the Under the Radar event.

Some comments from the first session.

Interesting virtualization software that tries to make the experience of starting working on the PC as simple as open your mobile phone/PDA. They showed a demo of booting a PC and have some apps running with in 12 seconds. (cool if you like Linux apps). The Windows XP was booting in the background...

It seems that 'hibernate / sleep-mode' is doing some of this things al ready - as long as you have no problem with Power. Is it greener or safer to have the PC off.

Sorry - Did not understand what, how and why they are doing what they are doing.
I tried.
So - here is an image that may help you.

Presented a solution for the consumer / small business solution for virtual computer that could run on top of the current OS and virtualization apps.
The demo included 'easy' configuration process.
There is a nice collection of open source apps and tools as part of the 'box'.

This make 'playing' with new and open source application easy and less risky.
However, it is not free.

Support is optional and on top of the package (~$200 per instance per year).
The support is for the jumpbox and not for the applications on top of it.

I think it could be a great 'sandbox' for POC and demos, before running the applications on your hardware.

They (re)worked the main business processes and application functions and offer them as a open source platform.

From my experience in enterprises it is hard to offer 'one size fits all' and have most of your customers happy - especially in the SMB market.

Overall - the potential is clear.
It was interesting to see the focus on the consumer and SMB markets. Especially the consumer one. Running virtual OS / computer for non-business reasons is interesting.

Time to juice the laptop...

To be continue (if I find a power source...)


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