Wednesday, March 19, 2008


One of my long time interests is multimedia. During past and current role, as well as private life, I keep monitoring this topic.

During this week, it was hard to miss the vibe around Veodia.

I first saw their offering during the office2.0 event last year. Veodia provided the video recording of the event. See:

This week Veodia announced their Flash Widget.

From Veodia press release:
Veodia is a browser-based video service leveraging the new capabilities of Adobe Flash Player 9, allowing its users to create and stream their own crystal clear videos to millions of Adobe Flash players. With just a video camera, Internet connection and a Veodia account, users can easily broadcast live and record MPEG-4 / h.264 video from their browser. Veodia eliminates the need for expensive investments in encoding, streaming and distribution technology. All content created with or imported to the Veodia broadcasting service can be played back in native h.264 format with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player 9.

"Veodia decided over two years ago to build its core technology around the h.264 standard because of its superior quality and multi-device compatibility. When Adobe announced support for h.264 in the Adobe Flash Player it confirmed that we had made the right decision for our customers. Now in addition to viewing content in Quicktime, on 3G phones, iPhones, televisions and hundreds of other MPEG-4/h.264 compatible devices, our users can playback their Veodia content using Flash Player," said Guillaume Cohen, CEO, Veodia.

In addition, the new Veodia channel widget offers a more interactive navigation interface based on Adobe Flash technology, allowing viewers to browse through all videos published on a channel. See the new flash widget in action with a video message from Veodia's CEO at:
Latest buzz:

Like many, I believe in "simple is better". But most of the "simple" solutions are usually have a "price". In addition, you can choose two out of these three: Good/Cheap/Fast.

The video recording quality using Veodia is amazing ( just make sure you are not filming in the dark using your 4 years old 0.5MP web cam and a mic you stolen from your kids - see my demo bellow ). The encoding is fast. And as I still using the free account, it is cheap (but I am sure their pricing model will be very good as well).

These capabilities show great potential.
From Corporate communications and education, through security, entertainment and v/blogs - Cost effective, high quality video and scalable platform providing great foundations to all new type of applications.

So - check Veodia's capabilities and no not forget to have fun as well.


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