Thursday, March 20, 2008

Under The Radar: The Business of Web Apps : Aggregation (2/...)

Additional notes from the Under the Radar event - Aggregation track.

Want to be in the center in a all document management of the organization and people.

They offer:
  • Migrating to online document editor - as GoogleDocs
  • Collaboration and remote access to users
  • Enterprise search - find your documents in the organization
The new service has already over 4M documents.
They claim for an automatic upload and sync process as well as easy to adopt from a user experience perspective.

In the future they would like to work with additional online editor (Zoho and such).
Offline capabilities are on the roadmap.

The panel tried to ask some hard questions about collaboration, versions, security and offline capabilities.
I do not think they are trying to solve these issues, which could be consider as a 'platform' for this domain.

I liked their visual design (did not use the service yet).

A service that allow you to 'text'/SMS/voice/eMail yourself for reminders.
They focus on SMS as it the most use and simple scenario.

The eMail you receive - with you note + marketing/ads information.
Collaborations, sharing and other srvices are available as well.

Comments from the panel:
  • A simple scenario such as trying SMS yourself during driving - so you could read and learn more while you are in the hospital... Well - this is why they have the voice interface as well.
  • Does text messaging used by non-teenagers? They claim there is a growth in SMS usage across all generations.
  • The business model and the capability/potential of driving people to go to websites of advertisers. Kwiry call it "Call for Action".

Would like us to us argoo as our "communication cockpit".

different IM/eMail/Chat accounts managed in one screen.

Video chat and other advanced features (presence, profiles and such) are available as well.
A demo of 4 people doing a video chat at once.
Video chat was a nice feature as well. As well as the easy embedding in facebook/MySpace.

Conversations using different medium (IM, SMS, eMail) are being aggregated and shown as one eMail stream on the screen.

Cool mashup.

Do I want one service have all my username/password information?

One personal page that has access to all your data (as far as they think it is relevant).
Fast setup for common web portals and services.

Again, do I want one service have all my username/password information?

The panel was focusing on security topic.
Pageonce said they are using bank level security. In addition, most people as using a small set of user/password set and they can now be aware of all the activities done by their 'identity'. So, it may help you to find if someone is abusing your account.

The idea of having all your info on one server was not well received by the panel.

Well - you could start with aggregating eMail, airline, newspaper, amazon and such first and later on decide if you would like to go and put your bank info.

Private beta available on

Overall - all the services are trying to make all our information more available.
Will it create more noise or will it allow us to focus on the more important things... ?

To be continue.


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