Saturday, November 15, 2008

Futuristic User Interface: Minority Report-style

An interesting post in engadget.
Minority Report-style interface / interaction.

Cool for sure, but not so efficient...

As many, I also think that the best UI is no UI.
If we can remove unnecessary steps, no visual, flow or processes are needed or should be visible to the user.

This interesting prototype demonstrate many steps to reproduce existing user experience activities.

However, braking away from the 'traditional' input devices, such as keyboard and mouse, is happening.

This demo reminded me the BCI (Brain Controlled Interface) concept. But unlike BCI, the interaction flow include much more physical activities.

We are using voice interfaces all the time. Some time they are annoying (especially when you try to get service from a human...), and some time very useful (such as Yahoo! OneSearch, Say Who and Google mobile search application [UPDATE]).

Change is coming.
Let's work to make it change for the better.


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