Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Google Tasks

I was trying out the new Google Tasks from the labs.
Simple and useful gadget.

In case you added it and cannot find it (like me...), look at the left navigation area:
I can understand why Contacts could be considered as a separated application that requires a left side navigation item/link and a full screen / desktop view, but I would expect the Tasks to be better integrate in the left side widget are, such as the Chat and Documents does.

Also, what with the Actions and the List menus?
It seems as the list actions and tasks settings should be unified and the 'Tasks' settings should have a separated access point.

Anyway, nice to have this at last.
Now I could keep a better track of all the things I will not do...
(It is like your Netflix queue, you never see any movie in place 5 or higher...)


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