Tuesday, December 23, 2008

SAP Community Network - Redesign

I was pleased to see the latest redesign of the SAP Community Network.

It has been a long time since I worked on SDN, so it was time to update the 2003 design we created with a new design.

It was also cool to find one of the first Blogs ever posted on SDN, as we were in Beta...


Network of Communities = Community of Networks

"It is not about who you are, but about whom you know (and who knows you…)". I believe one of the greatest ideas behind SAP Developer Network is that it helps you become knowledgeable – regardless of your starting point or location.

Some of us are "well connected" to inter-circles within SAP, others are deeply involved in the SAP-related community – SAP Developer Network provides the bridge and hub to connect these worlds to all of us. "Connect to SAP Developer Network" does not mean just typing the URL – we should all become connected as one big (hopefully happy) developer gang. Contribute from your experience – let us know what you know - and help us learn from you – as we would like to help you know more.

Collaborate – share your ideas - initiate collaboration – join collaboration activities and make yourself heard! We just got started and I would like to invite you all to this journey!

It may be bumpy at first - but with your help and feedback, we all will have a great, useful and enjoyable time together. As we get ready for the BETA phase – embrace our new community of networks and be part of building the network of communities.

Nice memories for a cold winter day...


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