Friday, December 19, 2008

Polaroid files for Chapter 11

Today, only few have the patient to wait for a photo to be printed.
My kids, as true digital-native humans, always wants to see 'how does the photo look like' within 2 seconds. We even had to buy a digital camera to my grandfather, as his answer to the kids was not accepted by them...


Many years ago, Polaroid had the answer.
Simple camera and 60-90 seconds of waiting and you had your printed photo in your hand.
It was one of the coolest things back then.

Technologies changes, people needs changes but some things stay the same.
Today, you could find many mini-mobile-printers that can convert your recently taken digital-photos to printed ones.

Today I've learned from CNN that Polaroid files for Chapter 11...

I guess these cameras and films will be worth a lot for collectors and fans...

If you really miss it, try


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