Wednesday, January 7, 2009

SAP’s Leo Apotheker on Enterprise (2.0) Software

Interesting discussion with SAP’s Leo Apotheker on Oliver Marks column today.

As Leo mentioned, if the Enterprise software is not built well, it may take down many businesses with it...

Great point that emphasizes one of the main differentiators of Enterprise software.
For those who develop Enterprise 2.0 software/solutions, please keep this in mind. The transition from Web 2.0 to E2.0 is not trivial.

-- Update --
Interesting comments from Bill McDermott:

"...Bill McDermott, SAP (NYSE: SAP)'s CEO and president of global field operations, has a prediction on when software-as-a-service will become a popular platform on which large business will run their core business operations.

"Never," McDermott said, in an InformationWeek interview on Tuesday.."
information week


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