Friday, January 16, 2009

Veodia - Free Trial of the Veodia Widget

Last night Veodia released a new version of its video platform for business.
In addition to 'enterprise' features, such as SSO, security, reports and integration to leading collaboration, sales, training and other systems, Veodia also offers a free trial of it 'Veodia Widget'.
Now you can register to the Veodia service and start uploading and recording high quality videos directly into the 'cloud'.

We've added demos to the Veodia site, showing video usage in business context, for example:
Sales, eLearning and collaboration.

In addition. Now you can register and try the Widget for free.
We added the ability to share the video by direct link or by an embed code.
I started using it to add video to my Twitter messages.

Link to video page

This is very exciting and I am very proud of the Veodia team.

Give it a try, use video for your business and send me your feedback.


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