Saturday, January 3, 2009

Web 2.0 vs. Enterprise 2.0 - The Short Answer(s)

So what are the differences between Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0?
So many opinions and Blogs about is, so, let me share my short answers, based on who is asking...

The kids version

Web 2.0 is where daddy plays, Enterprise 2.0 is where daddy works.

Another example: Office 2.0 Blog

The car fan version

Web 2.0 is as if your car was shown on 'pimp my ride'.
It is fully customized to your taste, so it is cool, noisy and unique.

Enterprise 2.0 is
like as if you car was shown on 'Top Gear'.
It is in mass-production, cost a lot and performs as good as it looks.

The philosophical version

Web 2.0 is a 21st century culture looking for a business (model), Enterprise 2.0 is a business looking for a 21st century culture.

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The IT version

Web 2.0: "What is IT?"
Enterprise 2.0: "What is Web 2.0"

(Well, some of them do get it...)

The Mash-Up version

Web 2.0 is where you can mash-up anything you want. Just drag-n-drop, copy some embed codes, updated your blog and sync your twitter updates.
Enterprise 2.0 is where you expect to log-in to one system and have everything integrated and aligned with your business process.

The Cloud Computing version

Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 companies use cloud computing. While Web 2.0 companies are looking for low costs and scalability, Enterprise 2.0 companies are looking also for security, redundancy/recovery capabilities and good PR...

The shirt version

Web 2.0 summit 2008 (I think...Cannot remember, so many of them)

SAP TechEd 2004... (from my private collection)

Feel free to use them if you like.
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