Sunday, January 25, 2009

Top Gear's The Stig Revealed

I've been following Top Gear for a long time.
And as many, one of my favorite characters is "The Stig".

As it seems, "The Stig" identity was revealed.

Now, as I thought about it and after I researched a little (there are so many reports by now), I've realized that I just do not care.

As "The Stig" is more than a person - he is "The Stig".

The idea that their is someone on that TV show that actually knows what he is doing.
It's like Steve Austin ("The Six Million Dollar Man") - you do not care who is the actor ( it is Lee Majors in case you do care) - just that he is Steve Austin.

Anyway, I will keep following this show as it has a good balance of geeky data and dry British sense of humor.


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