Monday, June 25, 2007

10 reasons why I switched to Mac (MacBook Pro)

  1. So I could start my day with a smile and not with "Control" "Alt" "Delete".
  2. So I will not have only 1 hour of power.
  3. So I will not have to wait 5 minutes every time my laptop is waking up.
  4. So I could use my 24" Screens without the need to upgrade drivers and boost my docking stations beyond their limits.
  5. So I could open Photoshop files and get work done within less than 30 minutes.
  6. So I will not have the IT department pushing me "Critical Updates" every other day. (Especially the Excel French dictionary…)
  7. So my digital camera and I will be friends again.
  8. So I could run “Windows” within a small window (just for eMail and other must have Enterprise applications).
  9. So I could have videoconferences without any cables.
  10. So I would feel like I care about it and write this list.



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