Thursday, June 21, 2007

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Industry Visions: Nathan Myhrvold, Greg Papadapolous, Irving Wladawsky-Berger

What will drive future growth and innovation in the technology sector? Hear the surprising predictions of three industry heavyweights.


IT systems are complex. More and more people are using them.
Systems are predictable as they were design by people. People are not predictable. The main problem we have now is that most of the complex systems were designed long time ago. Things changed and the systems did not. This is why IT services industry grown so much – it simply connected people and systems.

There is a need for new architectures that could adopt as people evolve. We still think in physical world terms such as ‘there is no need to redesign or rebuild the golden bridge’. True – but it still serve the same needs in the same way – but other IT systems needs to provide solutions to new needs we do no expect from a physical object…

The ‘new’ Knowledge economy stands on a narrow base, provided created by the industrial economy.

My thoughts:

It seems we are trying (again) to solve a “round” problems with “square” solutions. It is like digital cameras; In order to provide better pictures we invest in better sensors, storage, higher resolution and sometimes in better lenses.

Well – it works in some cases. From my perspective, digital cameras may not be as good as film, but they changed the rules of the game by reducing the cost of experiments, making it easy to edit and share.

I think we should not ‘(re)engineer’ the systems by mimicking and automating high-enough-resolution observations, but to think what are we trying to achieve first (regardless of the current way we do it now, due to our ability to adopt to IT limitations), how would we like to work and what tools do we have and will have during the lifetime of that system.


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