Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Personal media and consolidation

Few days ago my wife, Nili, told me "we need to move our picture albums". Well, I thought, she will tell me where to put them and I will do the heavy lifting. This was not the case, apparently, we have over 6Gb of images in Yahoo! Photos and the service is shutting down soon.
We have so many new pictures and albums since Nili started Taking Photography Seriously.

As Yahoo! has two competing services (Photos and Flickr) it makes sense to merge/choose one. (Although I think they are targeting different audiences).

But it did make me think again about the constant conflict/tension between Consolidation and Alternatives trends. The "Web 2.0" is a great example for (re)creating alternatives with few to non differentiations (same concepts, same features, same look different mission statement). On the same look-and-feel, but different mission statement). On the other hand, consolidation trends, such as standardization activities in the open source arena.

While thinking of this, I saw this great futuristic movie with an interesting consolidation scenario.

"Echo Alert"

My comments:
1) What do you think will happen to personal media?
2) I
nteresting to see they vision the future in English...


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