Thursday, June 21, 2007

SuperNova2007 (1/...)

I'm attending Supernova2007 event today.

Here are some of my notes and thoughts so far.

Provocations: Denise Caruso, Clay Shirky
Deep thinkers set the stage for the conference, by challenging us to question our assumptions about technology.

Denise Caruso (Founder, Hybrid Vigor Institute) session was around Anti-Social Media and 'risk assessment' for innovation.

What are the costs due to the positive and negative outcomes of the innovation? For example, nuclear power, Google Street view...
The suggested solutions are around community and conversations.
"Let's talk,” allow to de-escalate issues and to better understand the cost and outcomes.

Why people do not talk... Fear, potential cost, Blogs that create comments and not conversations...

The nature of technology shapes how we work and live.
How can we create social networks for people who are NOT like us?

The risk of not trying is bigger than the potential cost...

She also promoted her new book.

Clay Shirky (Author and Consultant)

The questions should not be "what is the business model" - it should be "Does it being support and developed by people who love it".

Why is a Perl is an option as many people love it and the community is strong.
Linux is being rebuild every night by people with passion.

Commercial support of any technology is weaker than a support of a community.

Now we can do big things for love...

My thoughts:

  • The need to communicate and to part of a network is really in our natures.
  • People need people.
  • People value communities.
  • People value conversations and they are willing to look aside from the negative aspects, such as ‘anonymous connections’, ID thefts and unfriendly interfaces.

As ‘Technologies’ we should focus on how to make technology as transparent and as empowering as possible. Not for the sake of coolness.

As a person who appreciates good design – I find great challenges in creating people-oriented-experiences for technology/business-oriented-systems.


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