Friday, June 29, 2007

In-video Search and Ads

I would like to share with you some thoughts and questions I had during the “Under The Radar Entertainment and Media” Conference yesterday.


There is a need for in-video search capabilities, both for people and for business. For people – it will allow finding relevant movies from large catalogs and aggregated sites, and even easy navigation to a specific frame within these movies. For business – it will allow a new type of monetization models on top of user-generated-content.

Some of the issues related to ads within Internet-videos (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll) are very similar to mainstream TV. People do not like ads and would skip them if they have a chance. I know I skip them by using Tivo. (I learned that there are already tools for skipping ads within these movies as well…)
Some ads are not related to the show or even the show content is harmful to the marketed brand.

Most companies I saw so far are using Adobe Flash as the delivery format. Using Flash allows merging the movies and the ads into one experience. The main experience I saw so far were textual ads Vs. multimedia ads (a movie within a movie). Encapsulated experience (the information is presented within the player) Vs. Open experience (the ads send the viewer to a Webpage).

Another trend is developing the ads using an ‘ad market place’ where creative professionals and amateurs ‘compete’ on advertisements projects.

My thoughts:

  • Advertising within content (video, feeds, etc.) becomes more relevant as the content available via many portals (destination sites).
  • People will continue to skip ads (manually or with some help from independent technologies) while advertisers will continue to push their messages across channels.
  • Advertisement agencies leverage creativity from many sources, with a low cost.
  • How can content producers be compensated for their content when it been used as a marketing vehicle?
  • From “Who own the channel?” to “Who own the clip?”

An interesting example for an ad from my friend Craig Cmehil:

is the new interesting in-video company I saw.
With a very interesting text search capability, based on the audio track analysis, as well as "heat map" navigation concept for the scrollbar.
(And again… where was I…)


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