Wednesday, June 20, 2007

LinkedIn or LockedIn?

I've noticed two main trends recently:

1) People are sending more LinkedIn eMails.

2) GTD (getting things done) become popular again.

I received so many LinkedIn updates in the last few weeks I decided to look into this trend. As it seems, my profile was not updated at all (nice feature they have there that shows you how much you are NOT up-to-date ), and my contacts list of very short. I decided to do something about it and started pinging my contacts. Very quickly my contact list grew by over 50% and I started to get endorsements from people I really missed...

Putting LinkedIn aside for a second, I noticed/discovered more and more Blogs and sites dealing with GTD.

"Echo Alert"
The largest collections I saw was from

A person could spend so much time picking and trying tools, no work will get done ever.

Coming back to LinkedIn... It is addictive. I must stop before it is too late...

(I guess I should keep my focus on the professional work rather on my professional network, or not?!)


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1 comment:

Mickeynew said...

I really agree. It is addictive. However, maybe concentrating on your professional network will create the future of your professional work...isnt' that what LinkedIn is all about? Let's see what happens...
I found a couple of old time friends I lost contact with so it's already beneficial in that sense (though I guess I could have achieved the same through Myspace no??).