Thursday, June 21, 2007

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Data dump: KC Claffy
The greatest problems of the Internet… and why we aren’t making measurable progress in solving them.


Claffy listed the top operational Internet problems as shown here:

According to her, the problem with this list is that it was complied with uncompleted data, which was collected, by companies and organizations with interests in the domain. Can we trust this data and outcomes?

My Thoughts:

I am concerned from the presented trends, and even more from the notion that professional claim they do not have enough good data, but yet publish their finding…

Is more = less or less = naïve/happy?

One of the key concepts of the Internet, as I heard in the following session, was ‘keep the Net simple and push complexity to the edges’. Maybe the way to receive some relevant data should come from addressing the users issues. Users = customers and that could create more pressure on the providers to share and measure relevant operational data.


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